Isn’t it interesting that despite all the statistics that suggest humans are the weakest security link, many organizations turn a blind eye to the importance of providing their staff with information security (InfoSec) awareness security training or the tools to help them defend the corporation they work for?

Many of the corporations that SecuSolutions Ltd. serves have nothing in place. No policy, no rules …no guidance. This is alarming since these corporations are of significant size and prominence. I believe the reason is that many depend on security technology alone. Companies quickly blow their budget on the latest security novelty they fell in love with due to a clever marketing campaign but fail to realize that technology alone is insufficient. Some companies even feel that they cannot ask their staff to take the training because they’re too busy or “it's not in their job description’, I speak bluntly when I say that’s BS, and with this, you should expect the worst-case scenario. Security training is not optional; it’s a mandatory part of an employment contract.

Allowing a staff member to use a computer without Info Sec awareness training is like allowing a driver to operate a company car without a license. It’s risky - and you’ll be left cleaning up the damage in the event an incident should occur.

InfoSec Awareness Training is easy to deploy, not overly technical, and, most importantly, works. The heightened awareness of your staff will significantly lower the odds of human error and risk to the corporation. It’s your first line of defense.

SecuSolutions Ltd. training gets results. If you want to know more and separate yourself from the weaker targets, contact us for a free consultation. Stay Safe.