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We are a People first company. Teach what we know, empower by example, support through process.

About Company

About SecuSolutions

SecuSolutions is in the business of providing essential security solutions that safeguard mission critical infrastructure and data. We specialize in security product development, managed security services, security training, and specialized security consulting services.

We offer our products and solutions through channel partner relationships. Partners can choose to rebrand our services or stay with the SecuSolutions brand. We support all of our products and services, so our partners can focus on sales.

Our 20 plus year history in cyber security has expanded across three continents, multiple cultures and customs. We have learned that while security is everyone’s, concern, not all have access to it. It is our mission to fix this problem.

Our core purpose is to be able to provide all purveyors of IT services or solutions, with the means to deploy effective, intelligible, and affordable frontline security solutions to the masses.

Key People

Jim Kootnekoff

Founder President CEO – United States & Canadian Operations

Chris Maggio Jr.

Director, Chief Operating Officer – United States Operations

George Rafael

Director Chief Operating Officer – Canadian Operations

Michael Welch

Member of the Board of Directors United States and Canada

Core Values

Core Values

We believe that security is a right and not a privilege. Our world is built on a digitized foundation that is now a part of nearly everyone’s life.

Everyone should have access to security and should be able to implement security measures that help to their person, or their business.

We are a people first company. Teach what we know, empower by example, support through process.


For more than 20 years, founding members, key staff and management have been working directly in the cyber security space. During this time, we have served Governments, Large Enterprises and Small to Medium Sized Businesses around the globe.

We have founded companies, served as board members and directors for companies in the Information Technology Development and Consultancy Field, Financial, and Enterprise Software sectors. We have managed large teams of security personnel for Large Enterprise Corporations and one of North America’s largest privately owned Corporations.

Some past and present customers and partners include OSI LLP, Bell Canada and subsidiaries, SaskTel Business Solutions, Nintendo Japan, NTT Communications Japan, LG CNS America Inc, Calgary Coop, Fortis Alberta, Alberta Teachers Association and dozens more.

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