Professional Security Training

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Professional Training

We take courses to gain knowledge on topics important to our jobs, or for personal benefit. We do this because there is some associated benefit in doing so. More pay, a promotion. or an elevated status. More knowledge makes or jobs easier to perform. There are clear benefits to learning.

Most people use a computer for work. Companies rely on computer systems and networks to support their business and operations. Sadly, when it comes to providing their employees with formal training on how to use these systems safely and securely, they miss the mark.

Human error is the number one cause of a cyber breach. Phishing attacks that carry Ransomware, Spyware and other payloads easily slip past the employee in plain sight. The result of this can be found in the hundreds of news articles that disclose the damage these attacks cause. Formal training can significantly lower the probability of a cyber breach and it is available through one of several means below.

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Group Sessions

What are Group Sessions?

A group session can be conducted online or in person and are offered in half day increments. Sessions can be broken up over several days to accommodate schedules as well as broken up into groups from different divisions, Management, Operations, etc.

Use Case Scenarios

Human Resources initiating a formal training program for new and existing employees. A directive from Management to adhere to a security compliance regulation. A leader in the technical department, wanting to help minimize the risk to the company of a cyber breach.

What are the Benefits?

Reducing the overall risk to the company of cyber-attack. Save money on the cost of recovery from a cyber-attack. Improve employee communication and moral through the learning experience. Increase consumer and stakeholder confidence.

Private Sessions

What is a Private Session?

Private sessions or small groups are designed to be highly interactive. Typically, a specific need is identified, and the course content is developed around it. Sessions are offered in two-hour segments.

Use Case Scenarios

Executive and Management classes, as well as division leaders often request these classes. Most want to know how to handle a specific challenge or topic related to security. Information management, compliance and regulations, risk assessments, and disaster recovery are just some examples of courses we offer.

Why The Need?

The need for training is increasing. Companies are realizing that it is not a question of if, but when they will become a target. Companies are now beginning to take a proactive stance rather than a costly reactive one.

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Online Courses

What is Online Training

Online training, that incorporates a Learning Management System (LMS) is the most effective means to deliver training to an audience. All participants receive the same training, at the same time, regardless of their physical location. User progress can be tracked, and detailed reports can be made available through the powerful learning management system that we offer.

Use Case Scenarios

Companies that need to reach their employees who may be in different geographic regions, working from home or in different times zones. Companies that need to roll out security training but realize that in person training is not a practical solution. Companies that want to track user progress and ensure that everyone is learning the way the courses were designed to.

Why The Need?

Companies need to arm their employees with the knowledge they need to help combat the constant attacks that come through email and other means. We focus on the front line first. These are people that are the targets of hackers and bad actors. This includes anyone who has access to a corporate computer and email. Sounds elementary, but that’s where hackers focus their efforts. We cover topics such as Ransomware, Spyware, Malware, Identity Theft, Social Engineering, Password Selection & Working Remotely. These lessons will significantly reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack.