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Cyber Security is a broad and complex term, generally used to describe the securing of all things cyber or internet related. It covers dozens of aspects of IT Security related to hardware, software and data.

Cyber Security is also a specialized area of IT that requires experience, skills and an ability to “think outside the box”. It is ever-evolving, constantly moving, and demands continuous training, exploring and pushing of boundaries.

Our line up of Secu360 consulting services offer a full range of mission critical services that are a vital part of any security program.

Each service we offer has been tailor made to meet the needs of our customers. We are certain that we have a solution for you.

Penetration testing

Penetration Testing

What Is Pen Testing?

By definition, a Penetration test is an authorized attack on a computer system, network or application to identify security vulnerabilities that bad actors could exploit. There are many types of Penetration tests that can be performed including internal network, external network, web application, insider threat, wireless and physical; in addition to Red, Blue and Purple team services – to evaluate environment, people and processes against possible threats.

Use Case Scenarios

The reasons to have a penetration test conducted are many. These days, the need to adhere to compliance regulations or corporate polices are on the rise.

Other reasons would include the need to evaluate the effectiveness of security defenses or to identify security vulnerabilities.

What is the Benefit?

A penetration test is a very good way to establish a base line of security. It is a validation, that all systems that have been assessed, are free from any vulnerabilities that could lead to exploitation and a possible security breach.

Pin Point Audits

What Is a Pin Point Audit?

A Pin Point Audit is a small scale penetration test that was developed to test a small segment of the customers network. It utilizes all the elements and methodologies of a larger scale penetration test without the associated costs.

Use Case Scenarios

Companies that have concerns about their networks or computer systems but are not ready to commit to a larger scale penetration test, choose this service.

What is the Benefit?

A Pin Point Audit offers an affordable alternative to a full scale Penetration test.

It can be used to satisfy security concerns companies may have about their networks or applications.

It is ideal for companies that wish to have a segment of their network or computer systems audited to determine an overall budget to conduct a full system audit.

Pinpoint Audit Cover
Secu360 Cover

Secu360 Coverage

What is Secu360?

Secu360 is a division of SecuSolutions that is dedicated to security consulting. No matter how big or small your needs are, we can help. Secu360 offers a range of security services that fit your need. Whether you need advice on a security project or plan, or need us to take the lead in designing, testing or developing one, we can assist.

Full Service Secu360

Our line up of Security Services is extensive. We have services that focus on procedures, compliance, operations and technical requirements. We urge you to click the button below to learn more about each service we offer. Or, book a free no obligation appointment with us to tell us about your needs. Together we will find the answer.

Why Secu360?

We believe that knowledge is power. We have 20 plus years of it working in security. During this time we have experienced more than most companies will ever. We work with enterprise corporations and small and medium businesses where the need is greatest. We are brand neutral, we are Dependable, we are Trusted. We are Security.

Security Training

Why Awareness Training?

There is a 95% chance that one or more of your employees will be the cause of a data breach, or Phishing attack. It’s not on purpose, its because they have not been provided with adequate security awareness training.

It is statistically proven that human error is the number one cause of cyber security incidents, yet it keeps happening. Hackers count on this.

What can be done?

Frankly speaking, allot can be done. Companies need to arm their employees with the knowledge they need to help combat the constant attacks that come through email and other means. This can be achieved by focused training sessions online in a group, or in person. Courses are designed to enhance the users awareness and to recognize the signs of cyber attack. This knowledge can be actioned the moment the employee sits back down at their computer.

What topics can we cover?

We focus on the front line first. These are people that are the targets of hackers and bad actors. This would include anyone who has access to a corporate computer and email. Sounds elementary, but that’s where hackers focus their efforts. We will cover topics such as Ransomware, Spyware, Malware, Identity Theft, Social Engineering, Password Selection & Working Remotely. These sessions will significantly reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack.

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