What’s the BEST Line of Defense
against Cyber-Attack?

Your People

Provide your staff with Security Awareness Training is vital to an effective defense strategy. It’s the front line.


Why Online Training

Knowing how to identify a phishing email, which could contain a ransomware demand, or some malicious software or spyware, could mean the difference between being open for business, or closed until further notice.

Why take the risk? Knowledge is Power. Give your front-line staff a fighting chance to help defend your organization and avoid becoming a statistic.   

One new challenge is the shift to working remotely. Away from the relative safety of the corporate office environment and network infrastructure, staff are often entrusted with ensuring their home-based system are secure. Many don’t know where to start, and corporations are slow to offer advice.

Providing Security Awareness training can significantly reduce the risk by educating the user about, Phishing, Ransomware, Social Engineering, ID Theft and many more topics on Security. 


Statistically speaking, your organization is more likely to experience a successful Phishing or Ransomware attack than any other cyber-attack.

Email is responsible for propagating 95% of all malware. (source IT Chronicles)

Phishing attacks account for more than 85% of reported security (CSO Online)

Ransomware cost businesses a total of $20 billion in 2020. There were nearly 550,000 cyber attacks per day involving ransomware. The average amount demanded was nearly a quarter of a million dollars. (source IT Chronicles)

43% of all cyber attacks are made on small businesses. (source IT Chronicles)


A system that has worked for 20 years

SecuSolutions Cyber Security Training
Is a Tried-and-True Process



Train – your staff on how to recognize and avoid a threat. Up to date content that has been developed by certified security pros with 20 plus years in cyber security.



Test – the users knowledge retention through quizzes, interactivities, and tests contained in the lessons.



Measure – the results with a powerful LMS learning management system backend that produces granular reports on each user.



Support – the users that require additional training or one to one advice.



Implement – the knowledge gained from the lessons, to mitigate risks.



Repeat – the training on a regular basis utilizing the new content updates from SecuSolutions.


The Benefits

The cost of a system outage due to a security breach, ransomware attack or other malicious attack can cost a financial fortune and reputational damage. By comparison, the cost of an information security awareness program that will dramatically reduce the chances of such attacks is minimal.

  • Improve Security Awareness
    • Heighten user awareness
    • Reduce the probability of cyber attack
    • Improve staff morale – reduce negative communication about the
      lack of security
  • Boost Consumer Confidence
    • Demonstrate the commitment to security and safety of client data
    • Improve corporate image
    • Set the standard for others to follow
  • Maintain Investor, Supplier, Partner and Shareholder Confidence
    • Mitigate risks to the corporation and its personnel
    • Demonstrate a proactive vs reactive stance on security issues


eLearning Campaign Strategy Session

Prelaunch meeting with the client to define scope and determine goals for the training.

eLearning Campaign Results Review Session

Post campaign session to discuss the results of the training. Measure effectiveness, address learner shortcomings, make suggestions for the next training campaign.

Advanced Reporting

Keep track of your company’s ROI. Powerful reports that provide important information on user activity, progress, test results and more. Training access is provided through our cloud based LMS portal.

No Charge Updates

Hackers never rest, neither do we. As new discoveries are made that pose a risk to our customers, new content is created and delivered at no extra cost.

Unlimited Use

Course and lessons are made available 24/7/365 through our cloud base learning Portal. 

Group and User Focused Content

One size does NOT fit all. Our lesson content can be matched to a specific user or group enhancing the user experience.

Interactivities, Scenarios, Adventures, Gamification and Badges.

Intuitive activities and challenging games are made available as standard features. Earn badges for successful lesson completion on navigate your way through multiple situational scenarios that test user knowledge.

Alerts & Announcements – Security Tip of the Day

Important Alerts and Announcements can be issued to the end user through the learning portal such as new lessons or updates, and upcoming events.

Company Document Repository

Store important documents directly in portal such as company security policies and guidelines made easily accessible to the end user for reference and proof of acknowledgment while taking the lessons.


Partner or Customer email support provided within 24 hours of a reported issue.

SSO/2FA Support

If your organizations require it, we can support SSO and 2FA.

SCORM Compliant

All Course & Lesson content is exportable to meet SCORM compliance standards.

Quizzes and Tests.

Throughout the lessons users will encounter quizzes that test user knowledge but are not part of the final user grade. Short, multiple answer questions are made available at the end of every lesson that apply to the final lesson grade.


Fee Based Options

Cloud Learning Portal Branding

Enhance the user experience by branding the learning portal using your company’s logo, corporate colors and style guide.

Course/Lesson Branding

Brand each lesson contained within the course to follow corporate brand initiatives.

Video Message Inclusion

Include a video message from the CEO or any member of management, to further highlight the importance of the training. Use this platform to drive the learning initiative throughout the company.

Lesson Customization

Need more emphasis on a particular topic of security, or specific subject? Customization of existing content is available and is an effective way to drive the learning experience.

New Content Creation

Does your company offer a service or product that needs specific security training? There is no IT security topic off limits. Discuss your needs with us, and we can make it happen.

Remote Online Training Sessions

Do you have the need for in person training for groups, or individuals Would you like to host an event on security training? We offer remote training sessions with experienced security professionals that can customize a training session that will address any specific security training requirement.

Multi Language Requirements

If your users require another language other than English, we can support your needs by offering the language support you require. Both the written content and narration can be customized to support multiple languages.

Partner Benefits - SecuLearn Security
Awareness Training

Access to the Growing Security Market

Through partnership with SecuSolutions, our partners gain access to the security market, and all the additional opportunities in Security Training, Consulting, and other Managed Security Service offerings available through SecuSolutions. 

Recurring Revenues MRR

Due to the need for consistent ongoing training and strong customer retention, our partners realize ongoing recurring revenues through multi-year agreements and subscription renewals.

OEM Branding Offer

As a paid option, we offer our Partners the option to brand the learning portal, courses, and lessons to align with their corporate brand and build their presence in the Security space.


No Front Load Costs

Pay for what you sell. No obligation to prepay for licenses. Reasonable payment terms are available.

Generous Partner Discounts

Our partners receive favorable costing on our services that allow for substantial margins.

Ancillary Sales Opportunities

Our Training covers several topics of Security, including hardware, software, audits, policies, and procedures and is used by all members of the corporation. As such, it is common for questions or concerns to arise about the customers own security posture. Our partners gain significant new opportunities to offer their own products or services, resulting in additional revenues. 

Rapidly Deployable

Depending on the scope, training can commence within 3 to 5 business days.

Full Sales Support

We realize that selling security can be a challenging task, and as such we offer our partners extensive training and sales presentation support. We will also assign a member of our team to help where needed as needed.

Marketing Collateral

we have assembled a library of documentation, videos, and marketing material for use by our partners. If you need help critiquing a marketing piece you created, we can do that. If you need some marketing guidance, we can offer that too.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our flagship training course offers lesson topics we deemed to belong to the Information Security Awareness or InfoSec segment of training. This course is a must have for all employees and includes the following lessons:

  • Setting the Foundations for Security
  • Phishing 101
  • Malware 101
  • Ransomware 101
  • Spyware 101
  • Identity Theft 101
  • Social Engineering 101
  • Password Selection 101
  • Acceptable Use 101
  • Physical Security 101
  • Working Remotely 101


In addition to the InfoSec Awareness Course, we have several individual lessons that cover specific topics which are included in the Specialized Topics Course:

  • BEC “Business Email Compromise”
  • Spear Phishing
  • Web-Browsing
  • Mobile Attacks
  • Social Networking


We have developed courses on numerous topics for our Partners over the years. These courses are one off courses that have been heavily customized for our partners and customers.

All the content was developed and produced by SecuSolutions Security Education Division.

We can offer content creation and development of virtually any security related topic. We have amassed 21 years of knowledge and experience spanning three continents and multiple languages.

We have literally seen it all.

Some of those topics are:

  • Incident Response and Computer Forensics – 15 hour online course
  • Red Flag Rules (ID Theft) – 4 hour online course
  • Secure Coding – 2 hour online course
  • Records Retention  – 1 hour online course
  • Internet Safety for Families – 2.5 hours online course
  • NERC & CIP North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Critical Infrastructure Program
  • These courses were more than 25 hours of online training
  • GDPR General Data Protection Regulation – 2 hour online course
  • PCI-DSS – 2 hour online course
  • HIPAA – 1.5 hour course
  • Physical Security – 2 hour online course
  • Security Management – 2 hour online course

First and foremost we are a pure security company that is focused on security and nothing else. We are brand agnostic and offer what our partners need, not want we are intent on selling. Each customer is unique and so is their security challenge.

We approach each challenge with eyes wide open. Nothing is proposed until we understand the problem our customer is trying to solve. Once we have all the data, we will come back to our customer with a solution they expect and are not surprised by. No one size fits all approach that many vendors are limited to.

Good training is a responsibility the supplier, we take it very seriously. We refrain from boasting about teaching aids and other collateral that is distracting.

We focus on three main things.

Problem – what is the problem that needs to be solved. Is it an existing problem, a new problem, is it everyone’s problem, or only a select group or division within your organization?

Solution –A proper solution contains these elements. The best content quality, presentation style, ease of use, visually pleasing, audibly pleasant, designed for the visually impaired. It can be formal, informal, fun and entertaining, or dry and practical.

With SecuSolutions you have a choice. With others, you get what you get.

Benefit – We create a memorable experience that will last, while making complex topics seem simpler. Through detailed tracking available from our LMS learning management system, we are offer real ROI. Knowing who excelled at the training or who struggled and being able to support them with additional training leaves no one behind and ensures there are no weak links in your security plan.  This is why we have so many repeat customers.

Yes. One of the many advantages of being a pure security company is that we have access to all the current public and nonpublic information available. In other words, we have folks that have their ears to the ground that collect information not yet made public. All information that could help protect our customers is made available at no extra charge to existing customers depending on which course they have a valid license to. This might include existing updates to the lessons, or it may include net new lessons. No need to pay more for access to these updates. Let the other guys charge for updates. With us, they are free.

Yes. In many cases where the user numbers exceed 3000, companies tend to have a LMS in house. All of our content is SCORM complaint and can be ran on other LMS systems. We can assist your company if that is something that you require.

Yes. For twenty years we have been offering branding options to our Partners as well as their customers. Branding the training brings Partner and Customer benefits.

Build your Brand – keep your company brand image in focus front and center.

Enhanced Usability – branding builds confidence in your commitment to security. It also promotes user commitment to training.

They should expect a heightened awareness of security and sense of responsibility. Often there is a thirst for more information pertaining to a particular topic. It can also result in your customer making inquiries about additional security products or services. The training is quite “revealing” and can uncover some very serious shortcomings or inadequacies in their own security infrastructure, procedures, policies, or solutions. This means more work for our Partners.

If there are no branding or course customization requirements, we can typically provide access to your customers in as little as 3 business days. All we require is the end user (customers) first and last name with a valid company email and we can set the system up to be deployed.

If there are branding requirements, course customization it can take a few weeks depending on the extent of the requirements.

Once a Partner agreement has been finalized, the reseller can begin selling the training. Our Partners are offered special costing on all our training, branding and course customizations that they may wish to offer their customers. Partners receive generous discounts on our training so they can in turn offer fair pricing to their customers and still realize a good margin.