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    About SecuSolutions

    SecuSolutions provides essential cybersecurity solutions that safeguard mission critical infrastructure and data.

    For over 24 years, founding members, key staff, and management have worked directly in the field of cybersecurity. We have served governments, large enterprises, and small to medium-sized businesses around the globe.

    Our cybersecurity professionals hold some of the most esteemed certifications in the industry.

    Partner Programs

    Become our partner and position your company in the rapidly growing cybersecurity industry with products, services, and support. We offer our partners discounts, allowing them a generous portion of the revenues earned.

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    White Label

    Full product and service branding, for companies wanting to promote their own brand.

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    Standard Label

    A non-branding option, using the brand names of our company and services.

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    Affiliate Program

    Available for companies and marketing firms that introduce SecuSolutions to prospective customers.

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    Partner Support

    Several customized support options for white label, standard label, affiliate programs.

    Managed Cybersecurity Services

    We have developed four security services, forming a crucial part to an effective, front-line security program of any scale.

    Our services combine people, process, and technology, providing the maximum defense against cyber-attacks.

    Fully Managed Phishing Simulations

    SecuPhish is our managed service offering for realistic phishing simulations. We employ the most realistic phishing methodologies to properly measure the response and actions of targeted users, and educate them to recognize and respond to phishing attacks.

    Online Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    SecuLearn provides the most up to date suite of online cybersecurity awareness training available. Our training promotes cybersecurity awareness and has been proven to noticeably reduce the probability of successful cyber-attacks.

    Vulnerability Assessments

    SecuScan is our managed vulnerability scanning platform, providing “front-line security” through assessment, discovery, and remediation advisories for critical vulnerabilities found in external and internal network environments.

    Deep Web Analysis

    SecuBreach is a fully managed deep web analysis platform. We identify credentials present in data-breaches from around the world, helping our customers prevent unauthorized access to personal and business accounts from compromised third-parties. This service is more crucial now than ever before.

    Professional Cybersecurity Services

    We have over 24 years of experience working directly in the cybersecurity consulting field.

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    Technical and Compliance, Cybersecurity Audits and Consulting Services

    All forms of Penetration testing, application security assessments, compliance audits including NIST, ISO and SOC 2 Readiness.

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    Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    Online cybersecurity awareness training, cloud-hosted, full learning management system supported, standard and customizable course content available. Along with OEM or corporate branding availability.

    For over 24 years...

    Our founding members, key staff and management have been working directly in the cybersecurity space.

    During this time, we have served governments, large enterprises, police agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses from around the globe.

    Cybersecurity in 60 Seconds

    Welcome to our collection of videos related to general security topics, products and services captured in 60 second segments.