Automated Vulnerability Detection System for Business

The SecuScan Vulnerability Detection System helps to minimize attacks against your networks and confirms compliance. SecuScan offers high-speed asset discovery, configuration auditing, target profiling, malware detection, sensitive data discovery, all in an intuitively designed user interface.

SecuScan has been designed for ease of use and understanding for use by everyone from seasoned security professionals to those with basic IT skills.

SecuScan has been designed for ease of use and understanding for use by everyone from seasoned security professionals to those with basic IT skills.

SecuScan supports more technologies than competitive solutions, scanning operating systems, network devices, next generation firewalls, hypervisors, databases, web servers, and critical infrastructure for vulnerabilities, threats, and compliance violations.

  • Highly-accurate scanning with low false positives
  • Comprehensive scanning capabilities and features
  • Scalable to hundreds-of-thousands of systems
  • Easy deployment
  • Low cost to operate

Business Security Starts With You.

Maintaining business security doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. SecuScan by SecuSolutions will get you started.

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Why SecuScan For Your Business?

Technology is an ever changing industry that brings us convenient ways to communicate, conduct business and to remain connected in our professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, along with these technologies comes inherited security risks that in many cases remain undiscovered until it’s too late.

Theft of your corporate or private information, disruption of business, or even corruption and loss of data can cripple businesses and destroy reputations. SecuScan automates and simplifies the process of maintaining a secure network environment ensuring peace of mind.

SecuScan Key Product Features

Complete Coverage

Malware & Botnets

Web applications

Virtualization & cloud

Minimize opportunities of attacks

Cost Efficient

No annual license fee

Pay only for what you need

No software or hardware required

No dedicated staff required

Efficient Management

No installation or setup required

Completely scalable

No hassle configuration

Fully automated protection

Remotely manageable

Daily scanning

Detailed Reporting

Customize reports by Vulnerability or by host

Email notifications

Automated remediation recommendations

Supports both non-credentialed, and credentialed remote scans

SecuScan Technical Abilities

  • Vulnerability scanning for IPv4 networks
  • Un-credentialed vulnerability discovery
  • Credentialed scanning for system hardening & missing patches
  • Meets PCI DSS requirements for internal vulnerability scanning
  • Broad asset coverage and profiling
  • Network devices: firewalls/routers/switches (Juniper, Check Point, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks), printers, storage
  • Virtualization: VMware ESX, ESXi, vSphere, vCenter, Microsoft, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server
  • Detect viruses, malware, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes, web services linking to malicious content
  • Operating systems: Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Cisco iOS, IBM iSeries
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Informix/DRDA, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Web applications: Web servers, web services, OWASP vulnerabilities
  • Cloud: Scans the configuration of cloud applications like Salesforce and cloud instances like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace
  • Helps to enforce PCI DSS requirements for secure configuration, system hardening, malware detection, web application scanning and access controls
  • Audit Assist with: FFIEC, FISMA, CyberScope, GLBA, HIPAA/ HITECH, NERC, SCAP, SOX Compliance
  • Sensitive Content Auditing: PII (e.g. credit card numbers, SSNs)

Take The Business Vulnerability Self-Assessment

  1. Has your company conducted a network audit to identify any vulnerabilities within the past month?
  2. Does your company conduct routine assessments of its networks to ensure the highest level of protection?
  3. Are the high costs associated with security offerings a concern of yours or your organization
  4. Does your company employ “in house” certified security personnel?
  5. Could your company be held liable in the event of a data breach or unauthorized access to its client data or other sensitive information?
  6. Has your company ever experienced a security breech? How would you know if it had?
  7. Would a regular, reliable and cost effective network security solution be of interest to your organization?

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