Online is in – Offline is out – Cyber Security Training FAQ’s You Need To Hear

The vote is in, online training is the preferred method of delivery for most training curriculums. While the conventional way of hiring a subject matter expert for an afternoon of training had its merits, that is certainly not the case anymore. The ROI (return on investment) of online security training can easily be weighed. The […]

Security Compliance – What you need to know

In this episode, we talk to Mr. Stuart Smith of Stuart shares his knowledge about security compliance, from its origins to its role in today’s connected world. He answers the questions you’ve been thinking about. Listen and learn about what’s involved in embarking on a compliance project. You may save both time and money […]

Managed Service Providers & Security – What you need to know

In this episode we speak to the CEO of a well respected and established MSP (Managed Service Provider) about the does and don’ts on choosing an MSP. We unpack it all in this episode and it is a must listen for any company considering trusting a MSP with their IT. If you already have one, […]

A Director of IT Approach to Security – Making the Right Decision

Your the Director of IT – Your job is to make good decisions, your company counts on it. When it comes to security there are many choices, but not all are the right ones. Learn from a professional with over 20 years in IT and his approach to decision making when it comes to Security. […]

Identifying the Corporate Crown Jewels

In this episode of Eye on Security, SecuSolutions CEO Jim Kootnekoff is joined by Michael Welch who is the Managing Director, Strategy & Risk at MorganFranklin Consulting, Chicago Illinois. The topic of this podcast is Identifying the Corporate Crown Jewels. In this episode, we will be discussing how to create a security budget. We will talk about where to start, […]

The Art of Phishing – How to sink the hook and reel them in

In this episode you will learn what a Phishing Simulation is, what are the crucial elements you need to get the results your after. You will also learn what the advantages and disadvantages are to a covert or an overt campaign are. You will understand why Phishing simulations are important to all organizations.