Become a SecuScan Vulnerability Auditing Tools and Services Reseller Partner

SecuSolutions is pleased to offer OEM-White label security products to our reseller product partners. Our partners can select from our suite of cyber security products and rebrand them as their own, thus enabling new revenue streams without the cost of developing custom in-house tools.

SecuSolutions is here to provide the best safeguards from vulnerabilities that threaten both your business and your customers.

SecuSolutions makes setting up a turnkey security practice within your organization an affordable reality.

Reseller Product Partner Programs

OEM-White Label Program

The White Label OEM Reseller Model is a paid offering where for a small fee; our original SecuSolutions Products and Services are rebranded to appear as though they were the Reseller’s own product. We do the work; you get the credit.

Ideal for:

  • Enterprise level IT service providers
  • Boutique IT service providers
  • Managed Service Providers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • IT Consultant Firms

Standard Label Program

Offer services to your customers with a product brand that they can trust. License any of the SecuSolutions suite of cyber security products using the certified SecuSolutions brand.

Ideal for:

  • In-house IT Departments
  • Managed Service Providers
  • IT Consultant Firms
  • Boutique IT Service Providers
  • Enterprise level IT Service Providers

Reseller Affiliate Program

Could your company benefit from a vendor relationship in Cyber Security? Ask us today, how your bottom line can benefit with our Reseller Affiliate Program.

The Benefits of becoming a SecuSolutions Product Partner

Additional Revenue Streams

Increase revenues from the specialized security segment of IT. Create reoccurring revenues through or monthly licensing agreements.

New Market Opportunities

Create opportunities to service new markets through the specialized IT security market. Banks, Health Care, Government, Energy Sector to name just a few.

Increased Client Trust

Increase trust levels within your current client base and earn trust with new ones by offering a trusted security practice.

Competitive Value Proposition

Increase your company’s competitiveness by offering security products & services that your rivals currently do not.

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