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Your IT Guy is NOT your Security Guy

For the last nearly 23 years of running a cyber security company, one thing has remained consistent and that is that IT staff, sys admins, network admins, love to hate security personnel. I say this because

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Cybersecurity & the Digital Supply Chain

Did you know that in the post-COVID world, there is an accelerated and necessary adoption of digital technologies throughout the industrial world in the quest of operational advantage and excellence?   The Hackett Group reports that

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In this episode of Eye on Security, SecuSolutions CEO Jim Kootnekoff is joined by Michael Welch who is the Managing Director, Strategy & Risk at MorganFranklin Consulting, Chicago Illinois. The topic of this podcast is Identifying the Corporate Crown Jewels. In this episode, we will be discussing how to create a security budget. We will talk about where to start, how much to spend, and what to spend it on. We will also discussing outsourcing security,  should you, or should you not. If your facing the challenge of creating a security budget, this podcast is a must listen.
In this episode you will learn what a Phishing Simulation is, what are the crucial elements you need to get the results your after. You will also learn what the advantages and disadvantages are to a covert or an overt campaign are. You will understand why Phishing simulations are important to all organizations.