Managed Security Services

Front line Security Services that are effective, intelligible, and affordable. 

We identified the problems, then we developed the solutions

We’ve spent 20 plus years in the field of cyber security. We have practically seen it all. No matter the company size, Enterprise or Small to Medium, the challenges faced are the same. Keep the bad guys out and keep the data safe. There are literally dozens if not hundreds of solutions on the market. Hardware, software, consulting services and the like. There is a shortage of security professionals, cyber threats and incidents are on the rise. Unqualified staff are having to take the responsibility of ensuring that their company is secure & sadly management believes that they are. 

There is a myth that expensive products or solutions are the answer to solving security concerns. So often the basics of security are overlooked in favor of complex or high costs security solutions.  We have broken that myth.

Many years ago, we decided that we were going to develop a set of SaaS Security as a Service offerings that would be focused on the front line. These services would utilize the fundamental elements of security which are People, Process and Technology. 

Most importantly, we realized that our services must be accessible to the masses, ineligible as well as affordable.      

Online Security Training

People – best processes, or technology alone, cannot account for human error.

Training is a vital part of any security program   



Historically humans have been the weakest link in the security chain. Human error, accounts for 95% of cyber security breaches. Hackers prey on unsuspecting users that are unaware of how to identify a hackers ruse. Hackers use email to deliver their payload.


Cloud based Information Security Awareness Training. Interactive, self-paced, customizable content. Topics covering Ransomware, ID Theft, Social Engineering, Spyware, Malware & more, are all fully supported by a Learning Management System.


Reduce the probability of a cyber-attack. Trace user progress and pin point any challenges, users may be facing while taking the courses. Encourage users to think of security by testing their knowledge on a scheduled basis. Heighten user awareness. Reduce risk.

Phishing Simulations

Process – without People is unachievable. Technology without a Process of delivery goes nowhere.

Phishing simulations is a process that combines both Technology and People.  



Practically everyone has an email address. Email is a primary means a hacker uses to deliver ransomware or malware. It is less complicated to Phish a user then to hack into a network. The data shows that 94% of malware is delivered by email.


Our Phishing simulation was developed to conduct controlled, simulated attacks coercing a targeted user into divulging sensitive information. Data is collected and reports are produced that highlight user actions that may put the company or individual at risk of an attack.


Powerful reporting features help pinpoint user actions that quickly identify any areas of concern that need attention. Follow up training can be provided to help the user recognize the signs of Phishing attempt, thus reducing the risk of a real attack.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Technology – when used by People that follow a proven process, can be extremely useful.

Vulnerability Assessments combine all three, People, Process & Technology 




Vulnerabilities exist in networks, devices and software waiting to be discovered and exploited by a hacker. It is usually the first thing a hacker looks for when assessing a target. This low hanging fruit is often overlooked by IT staff as they lack the knowledge or tools necessary to discover them.


Our vulnerability assessment platform was developed to discover, identify, categorize, prioritize, and produce easy to understand remediation recommendations. It features an intuitively designed interface, and does not require special knowledge of security to manage, and can be used by IT staff.


Find vulnerabilities before hackers do. Dramatically reduces the corporations exposure to cyber-attack or hacking. It can be used as part of an ongoing, security strategy. It can also be used to provide proof of security compliance and best security practices, which can boost consumer confidence.

Deep Web Analysis

What’s on the internet? Everything, perhaps even your passwords…

A Deep Web Analysis is a critical component of a Security Program. 



Passwords... love them or hate them., they are not going away anytime soon. Have a good password? That's unimportant if it has been compromised in a data breach. How would you know? Is there someone planning to use your username and password to try and gain access to your personal or business accounts? You can bet on it.


SecuBREACH is a unique service that helps to determine whether your user names passwords have been compromised in a data breach around the globe. This is incredibly important to know, as even the most secure systems can be accessed using a known or accepted user-name and password combination.


Eliminate concerns about your personal or company user-names and passwords floating around the internet. Ensure that if they are, actions can be taken to change the passwords immediately. At the rate companies are being hacked or exploited, you run the risk of involuntarily divulging the strong passwords you diligently created.