Cyber Security Awareness Training

Global Digital Imaging Company


A Canadian, high tech digital imaging company that was in a rapid growth phase required a cyber security awareness training program that would ensure that all 430 worldwide employees were taking precautionary measures, while using the corporation’s computers, devices, and network infrastructure.

One of the concerns was the rapid growth of the company and the dozens of new employees that were being on-boarded monthly, who had no formal security training provided to them. Several of their global offices, had no one responsible for ensuring that security was being kept front of mind. The lack of security training was concerning as many of the employees had access to extremely sensitive corporate information.

This was a problem that needed a solution.


Global Digital Imaging Company
(Head Quartered in Canada)
430 employees, in 6 countries.

Pre conditions

While the company had secured network infrastructure located in the cloud and in secured data centers in several countries around the world, they lacked a formal security training program that would help mitigate, theft of data, a security breach, or a ransomware attack committed on an employee.

There was also no preexisting platform for global internal communications which made disseminating internal communication to all global employees a particular challenge. This also meant that providing any formal security training to all new and existing employees would be difficult.



SecuSolutions was engaged to develop a training program, that would address the companies concerns about employee, cyber security awareness training. They required a platform, that would provide their global employees with a unified message from the corporate head office enforcing the importance of the training program. They also needed to be sure that all employees were receiving the same training on the numerous security topics that were made available as part of the Information Security Awareness Master Program.

They were very concerned that all employees must take the training and requested a solution to verify this. Lastly, they required customization of a few of our existing lessons to include specific instruction as it related to the company’s proprietary technology.

One of the additional conditions the company had was that the training should be made accessible, using 2FA (2 factor authentication).



As part of our pre-training launch strategy session, SecuSolutions education team, worked with the customer to achieve all their training goals.
Details such as lesson schedule and order, minimum quiz scoring requirements, and reporting requirements were determined in advance of the launch. Customization requirements were discussed and implemented in the training as well as a “message from the CEO” to help get the importance of the training across to all employees.
As one of the concerns was the delivery platform, it was decided that the SecuSolutions fully managed LMS (Learning Management System) cloud training portal was the best solution to meet the challenge. 2FA was implemented and tested in collaboration with the customer prior to launch.
All users were added to the training portal, and the training campaign was launched to all 430 employees without issue.

Post conditions

Despite the topic, and typical reluctance to training, the employee feedback the company received to the training was very positive. Many employees were not aware of the dangerous practices they were using and appreciated the newfound knowledge they received.
The user participation recorded on the LMS (Learning Management System) was very high and the collective scoring grade for the company was above passing grade. Through the reporting made available by the LMS reports we provided, we were able to pinpoint particular staff members that were needing assistance after achieving below average results from the lesson quizzes.
The company has since committed to ongoing training and is vigilant in their effort to continue to fight cyber-attack and minimize risk. We are in close consultation with the company and planning on developing new curriculum based on their upcoming release of their new technology.