SecuSolutions Appoints Executive Team Members

Calgary, Alberta, October 1 2016 – In its strive to expand its regional business SecuSolutions has appointed Mr Doug Williams as the Vice President of Business Development to the executive team. Mr. Williams will be responsible for expanding SecuSolutions business across Canada. Some key responsibilities include developing service offerings that fit the SMB market security service needs. Mr. Williams is also responsible for forming partnerships and alliances with IT firms that have established leading quality services and a strong client base.

In addition to Mr. Williams, SecuSolutions welcomes Mr. Rod Anderson. Mr. Anderson has been appointed as the Manager of Channel Development to the executive team. Mr. Anderson’s duties include the overseeing of our Channel Partner and Reseller Programs. He will be responsible for ensuring that our Partners expectations are met and that all aspects of the Reseller and Channel Partner relationships are being managed.

About SecuSolutions Ltd.

SecuSolutions, founded in 2007 is one of Canada’s leading Cyber Security solutions companies for businesses. The company offers premium security products that helps companies identify and combat malicious cyber attacks. For more information, contact a SecuSolutions representative toll free at 1 (877) 571-5507.