The SecuSolutions Company Story

SecuSolutions, is a leading edge Cyber Security company that provides specialized security products and services for small, medium, and enterprise level organizations around the globe.

We help our customers to embrace security and not to be intimidated by it. We remove the veil of mystery that covers the security industry to make cyber security solutions for business simple and cost effective.

Our Story, Against the Odds

SecuSolutions’ foundation was built in Tokyo Japan in 2000 when a small two-person IT security consulting company was formed. This small company was created by our CEO Mr. Jim Kootnekoff, and his partner Mr. Masahiro Satoyoshi.

Facing many cultural barriers and fierce regional business competition in a relatively new industry called “network security”, Kootnekoff and Satoyoshi pushed ahead determined to become the best security company in Tokyo.

In seven short years, Kootnekoff and Satoyoshi grew their team to 44 people, and $7 million in annual revenue.

From there, they developed one of the very first server hardening tools named COREsecure, that was rebranded for IBM Japan and named “xSecurIT”. The software was bundled and sold with IBM Japans x-series server line, which notably, was a first of its kind in IBM Japan’s history.

The two partners and their team then developed one of the first automated vulnerability scanning software services in existence which has been used by Nintendo Japan, Canon IT Solutions, Mizuno Sports, Shimano and LG Electronics IT support division to name just a few.

In addition, both Mr. Kootnekoff and Mr. Satoyoshi, later hosted the first “blackhat” security convention in Tokyo called Pacsec Japan and Tokyo InterSec.

As a result of their team, dedication, and level of service, the two partners grew their cyber security IT company to become the number two ranked IT Security Company in Tokyo.

A Letter from our Founder

I believe that great companies are built by great people and great organizations are only as good as its foundation. At SecuSolutions we continuously strive to improve on what we have built. Our goal is to offer the best service, the best solutions and the best value possible.

I also believe that merely having a good product or a good service is not enough. One of the strongest motivating factors when buying a service or product comes from within. It comes from the feeling you get when you talk to a representative that truly cares and understands your needs. It comes from the way you are treated and cared for. At SecuSolutions, our aim is to fulfill our customer’s needs, not just by our words, but by our actions.

I have conducted business in one of the world’s most demanding environments for over 16 years and as a result maintain a high-level standard for quality and superior service.

My ongoing commitment to you our customer, is to personally ensure that you are satisfied with every aspect of dealing with SecuSolutions Ltd. If for some reason you’re not, please contact me and I will make it right.


Meet the SecuSolutions Executive Team


Jim Kootnekoff

President and Founder

Mr. Kootnekoff has more than 16 years of experience in the cyber security industry. His early work won recognition and set precedence in Japan’s IT industry as the number two ranked IT security firm in Tokyo. In 2003, in collaboration with IBM Japan, Jim developed the first major security software bundle project in the history of IBM Japan. In 2004/2005 he co-founded the first security conferences in Japan called PacSec and Tokyo InterSec. Jim is now a leading cyber security expert and continues to develop leading-edge cyber security products for businesses around the globe


Doug Williams

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Williams has more than 30 years of experience as a Business Development specialist in the IT professional services industry. In the late 1980’s his leadership grew his department from the ground up grossing more than $2.5m in annual revenues. Mr. Williams later brokered a deal between his company and the federal government, grossing an increase in annual revenue by more than $2m. His latest accomplishments include establishing client relationships that resulted in successful quota retirements of more than $10m in annual revenues. Mr. Williams brings his leadership, relationships, and experience in deal flow in the IT industry to the team.


Zak Karbalai

Director of International Business Development

Mr. Karbalai is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the IT industry with particular expertise in information security. In 1997 he started as an entrepreneur building profitable businesses and product offerings in IT industry, with special focus on cyber security, datacenters, networks, and software development. In 2004 he joined data hosting company and helped build one of the largest data centres and cloud computing platforms in the country. Mr. Karbalai is both CISSP* (2007) and ISP** (2003).


Nabeel Khan

Director of Research and Development

Mr. Khan as more than 15 years of experience in technology development. As a leader he’s led multidisciplinary development teams with more than 30 developers and designers. During his tenure with several professional service providers, he has monitored, managed, and secured large networks hosting more than 2000 devices. In 2005 Nabeel researched, designed and developed fully autonomous drone technology. In 2012, he developed a one of a kind biometric multi-touch surface, and in 2014 he developed one of the first persistent holographic projectors. Mr. Khan continues explore new technology applications and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


Rod Anderson

Manager of Channel Development

Mr. Anderson, has more than 30 years of experience in IT business development for both fortune 500 enterprise companies and professional services organizations. Rod has consistently created successful Value-Added IT services companies. As a Senior Executive with UNIQUE Systems, he successfully built and ran the Professional Services Division which in 1997 was acquired by GE Capital IT Solutions. His work with the fortune 500 company led to new professional service offerings by the company throughout western Canada. As an experienced leader in IT Services and systems integration, Rod has increased sustainable growth for several companies of more than $20m in annual revenue. Mr. Anderson continues to seek new opportunities and deal flow in the growing cyber securities industry.

Our Board of Advisors


Chris Maggio, Jr

Executive Chairman

Mr. Maggio is the founder of The Software Development and Testing Company and is a former officer in the United States Army and Bronze Star recipient for Military service in Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. His career boasts more than 24 years of sales and management experience in the technology industry with specific emphasis in software, managed services, and professional services to clients both in public and private sectors. He also maintains a highly regarded reputation as a subject matter expert in operational disaster planning, implementation, and recovery. Mr. Maggio is a frequent speaker at Technology Conferences worldwide.